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Contact us for more information if interested!


Coggins and any other vaccinations available upon request only and may cost extra! Please note coggins may take up to three weeks or more to receive, due to the fact that we live in the sticks! Delivery is also going to cost extra! We also require half of the purchase price up front, which is a non-refundable deposit , the rest will be due upon pickup. Deposit May be negotiable, but I think that this is fair. I'm changing this deposit policy due to customers backing out at last minute, even with a $100 deposit per horse. Thank you for your understanding cooperation.



We do offer packaged deals, so keep that in mind while looking. With the extreme price cuts, the package pricing is going to be a lot more limited than normal! I have already cut most of my prices by almost half! Thank You for your time.





Two Year Olds


 3 year old grey pinto filly, around 34". As of 7-20-13 has a sorrel pinto stallion on her side. Exposed to 29" grey pinto stallion for 2014 foal. No papers. $200 



Three Year Olds


Very nice 4 year old bay filly, 34" or a little less, exposed to grey pinto 29" stallion for 2014 foal! No papers As of 3/9/13, she now has a grey stallion on her side! $300 OBO




 GI JANE 1998 AMHR dun mare, very gentle, 37", exposed to 29" grey pinto stallion for 2014 foal! As of 3/11/13 now has a greyish filly on her side! $400


 Horse Penn Creeks Miss Tiffany 1994 AMHR Grey Pinto mare, 33.75", skiddish but gentle once caught, exposed to 29" grey pinto stallion for 2014 foal! As of 6-3-13 has a grey pinto filly on her side.  $250


 Perkins Pride Sweet Serenity 1998 AMHR bay and white mare, 30.5", a little shy but gentle, doesn't seem to be bred for this year, exposed to 29" grey pinto stallion for 2014 foal! $250


 Leaning Oaks Brown Sugar 2007 AMHR  black mare, 33.25", fairly gentle, has yet to foal for me and has been exposed for 2011, 2012, and 2013 foal, she has been exposed to 29" grey pinto stallion for 2014 foal! $200